Blue Apron Steak and Couscous

Here we are with meal #2 from Blue Apron. I love hearing what you guys think about the service! Seems like most of you really like  it. Trust me, it’s really worth checking out. Don’t forget to use this link and get your first 2 meals free! And now for the recipe, today we have Grains of Paradise-Crusted Steak.

Steak and Couscous01

I really love these recipe cards

Steak and Couscous03

I started by chopping all my veggies, soaking currants, crushing the grains of paradise and cooking the couscous

Steak and Couscous02

Next up I toasted my almonds

Steak and Couscous06

Season both sides of the steaks with salt, pepper and the grains of paradise, cooking them in the same pan I toasted the almonds.

Steak and Couscous08

Set the steaks aside to rest

Steak and Couscous07

Start cooking the eggplant in olive oil with a little salt and pepper

Steak and Couscous09

Once it’s softened, add garlic and scallions. Add all the veggies to the cooked couscous with the preserved lemon, toasted almonds, parsley, currants and mint leaves.

Steak and Couscous11

Plate the couscous

Steak and Couscous12

Cut the steak up into thin slices and top with a few scallions for garnish!

I was feeling a little under the weather when I made this and just had a couple of bites of the steak, which by the way was fantastic! My husband finished his plate and really enjoyed all the new flavors. There were a few ingredients we don’t use on a regular basis. Another winning meal from Blue Apron!

Check out this link to see the recipe card and this link if you want to view it on your computer or iPad. It has some additional tips and tricks with videos.

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

Blue Apron: Cheddar Biscuit-Topped Chicken Casserole


Happy Monday! This week I will be dedicating all my blog posts to Blue Apron recipes. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about it and decided to give it a try myself. I’m so glad I did! I really love the not having to shop part. The food is pre-portioned, but not prepared in any way, so as a cook, I was still able to enjoy making the whole meal. So here’s exactly what Blue Apron does.

The nuts and bolts:

• Blue Apron allows you to create delicious, chef designed recipes at home. They deliver all the fresh ingredients you need, right to your doorstep, in exactly the right proportions. No trips to the grocery store and no waste from unused ingredients.

• They send you three meals per week for two, four or six people. Meals are $9.99 per person with free shipping.

• Blue Apron is available nationwide. They ship to over 80% of the country.

• Blue Apron recipes are delivered in a refrigerated box so ingredients will stay fresh even if you’re not at home when your package arrives. (Mine was outside in 90 degree weather and stayed ice-cold)

• Each menu is between 500 and 700 calories per person. Their ingredients are incredibly fresh and sourced from quality local suppliers and artisans

• All meals can be prepared in 40 minutes or less.

• With Blue Apron you learn to make new recipes and cuisines so you can get out of your dinner rut of making the same old dishes, or relying on take out.

• Blue Apron is great for busy people. No need for shopping, and in the time it takes to have takeout delivered, you can have prepared a delicious and healthy meal.

• They’re called Blue Apron because chefs in training around the world wear blue aprons. It is a symbol of lifelong learning in cooking.

And the awesome people over at Blue Apron are giving my readers 2 free meals with their first order. Just use this link to get in on the savings!

Now let’s get to the food!

Chicken and Biscuits01

Each recipe comes with a colorful recipe card, detailing the meal and ingredients.

Chicken and Biscuits02

The flip side has pictured instructions. You guys know I love that!

Chicken and Biscuits04

Here are the ingredients for this recipe. The veggies are so fresh!

Chicken and Biscuits03

 Each meal comes with a Knick Knacks bag

Chicken and Biscuits05

Here’s what was in this one

Chicken and Biscuits06

First step, cut veggies and shred cheese

Chicken and Biscuits07

Next up, the biscuit topping. This meal uses the Jiffy Biscuit mix. Pour it in a bowl.

Chicken and Biscuits09

Add water

Chicken and Biscuits10

And cheese

Chicken and Biscuits11

And mix, how easy is that?

Chicken and Biscuits12

Now for the meat. Brown the chicken in a pan. The chicken came perfectly portioned and pre-packaged much like you would get at a grocery store.

Chicken and Biscuits13

Wipe out the pan and add in the onion, garlic, celery and peppers

Chicken and Biscuits14

Next, toss in the chard and green tomato

Chicken and Biscuits15

Once the chard has wilted and the veggies have softened, add the chicken back in with demi-glaze.

Chicken and Biscuits16

Put the chicken mixture into a baking dish

Chicken and Biscuits17

And top with biscuit dough, making round biscuit mounds. Sprinkle with the casserole spice blend.

Chicken and Biscuits18


Chicken and Biscuits19


This meal was really delicious. It felt like comfort food with the biscuits, but the lean chicken and veggies made it fresh and light. I would absolutely make this again!

Here’s a link to the recipe card if you would like to recreate this meal at home. I recommend it!

What do you guys think about Blue Apron? Is this a service you would use?

Cleaver cupcakes

Halloween is quickly approaching, and I’ve got another fun dessert for you!  I saw these candy cleavers in a grocery store around Halloween last year and snatched them up. The package had a picture of the cupcakes I did below on it. I love seeing pictures of creative desserts and making them at home. They were super easy and a lot of fun. The cleavers are sold out on Wilton’s website, but they’re still available on Amazon. I just took a simple box cake mix to make the cupcakes, and this recipe to whip up a quick cream cheese frosting. Then I picked up this red decorating gel at the store.  All that was left was the assembly. They were a huge hit in our house!



Do you like to make festive deserts for the Holidays? What are some of your favorites?

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3 Chips for Sister Marsha

Sarah 'n Spice:

Here’s what I’m baking up over at My Good Eats!

Originally posted on My Good Eats:

Sorry this post took so long, but I had to space out baking 90 chocolate chip cookies. Don’t worry, we had no problem polishing most of them off ;) Alton, sweet sweet Alton, not only has one go to chocolate chip cookie recipe, but 3, depending on how you like your cookies. It’s kind of brilliant if you ask me, because let’s be honest, we all like different styles of chocolate chip cookies. In this episode we bake up the Thin, the Chewy and the Puffy. I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite. They all had their special qualities that I loved. The husband felt the same way. I give you the Chocolate Chip Cookie 3 ways! Tis the season for baking.

The Thin


Mix together your ingredients for the Thin

Add in your chocolate chips. According to my Husband, there’s never enough!

IMG_1832Don’t taste the cookie dough, it has raw eggs…

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I recently celebrated an anniversary with my Husband. He’s the best gift giver ever! So for our anniversary he had our landscapers dig and irrigate a garden for me in our back yard <3 We live in a dry climate, so you need special soil and some extra muscles to dig down in the hard earth. I’ve always wanted my own garden and now I have one with plenty of room to grow. I went to our local gardening store right away and got the supplies I needed. We are in the last few weeks of good planting, so I needed to get going. After doing some research, I picked 4 items that grow good this time of year. Thank you so much my love, you’re the best!


He had it put in the corner of our yard, so there’s room for expansion.


I toiled the soil and dug my rows for planting.


First 2 rows, onion


Next 2 rows, Giant Caesar Lettuce


Then some Italian Parsley


And finally Swiss Chard


I labeled all my little sticks


Planted the seeds


And watered all the rows with love :)

I’ll keep you all updated on my garden’s progress. If anyone has any suggestions or tips to keep it at it’s best, I’d love to hear them. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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